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Raising small chest pocket with padded chest


The following content information is passed by the group of cosmetic surgeon France – Vietnam and based on official documents of the Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic France, to help you fully understand and accurately on issues of their concern.

Method of breast augmentation with implants is what bag? As a method first appeared in the United States about 40 years ago, and is now widely available to nearly 2 million women with breast implants bags worldwide.

In the small incision, the surgeon will place two bags shaped almost directly behind the breast gland. The bags will discreetly make more and stronger chest. All cases of small breasts since puberty or smaller after childbirth and breastfeeding can apply this surgery.

Endoscopic breast augmentation technique is nothing new: With the advances of modern medicine turn helps make the biggest surgery with small incisions nhat.Phau skin look better technician should put padded bag range for be put into the camera and exaggerated thoracic structures, perform the exact actions to avoid nerve damage, vascular and breast tissue. So it is less invasive, less bleeding, less swelling and less pain complications, does not cause loss of sensation areola.

The padded bag is commonly used today: Today gel breast implant pocket is almost the only option of endoscopic breast augmentation as soft as the real thing, keep form distortion over time. Formerly the gel afraid if broken will spread dangerous.

But reality through research in many countries such as France, USA, Japan …. for years that breaks the pocket despite gel remains in place and never cause cancer. Therefore, the gel has been used over many years in France and the United States showed that absolute safety.

Especially the leading manufacturer of French pocket – for U.S. generations born “gel No. 5” has a soft touch, high adhesion and reaction (biocompatible) and have a lifetime warranty.

In Vietnam, the leading Surgeon Dr. Thang well as all kinds of bags using high quality French gel (Eurosillicone), USA (Mentor) have been internationally certified, with warranty and care periodically throughout life.

The gel padded bag shape: There are 2 chest pockets form is preferred: • Bags round (Round shape): • Bag droplets (Tear drop or anatomical shape)


Each type is designed with many different dimensions, such as height, width, the overhang can meet with the desired form and the chest of each person.

A total of 30 bags each type of bag designs change from 160cc to 600cc size.

This diversity will be selected to meet the BS for each breast shape so that optimum results.
Phauthuat is done how? After surgery like?


– To put on after breast pocket, maybe in 3 lines: + or around the areola (1, 2) + ridges or folds under the breasts in (4) + or in the armpit (3)

Depending on the choice, the characteristics of each breast that doctors will recommend that the application of the most appropriate surgery. The results for the three breast aesthetics are the same results and does not affect the chest feeling.

Win with your doctor will choose the best position so that the scars are discreet, smallest (2-3 cm) and in accordance with the dress code and your daily activities.

Placement of pockets can also lower the large chest (Figure 1) or just below the line (Figure 2)

– Duration of surgery lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes of anesthesia is usually anesthesia.

– After surgery there will be 1 layer bandage bandage around his chest. This ice will be removed on Monday and instead using smaller ice. Also on Monday, you can discharge, sutures are removed (if any) on the seventh day.

Normally, you can move back and gentle exercise on day 3, back to normal activities and work from day 5, the date thu7 bra. There may be some slight purple spot in the first 2 weeks, feeling completely normal again after 1 month. The heavy movement aesthetic exercise or swimming should only start after 2 months.


Things to note after endoscopic breast augmentation surgery:

• No bags weighing more than 3 kg, with babies, with high or hands free driving in the first month.

• Do not use stimulants (alcohol, tobacco …) before full recovery (at least 1 month)

• Do not use iron-rimmed bra at least 6 months

• Only put baby postoperative chest pocket 1 year.
Some frequently asked questions:

– Padded bag will last how long? With the padded bags with guaranteed quality at present, can theoretically last forever. But not always so. If the response to the late stage, the bag can be removed and replaced by another bag. There can be no guarantee of permanent surgical results.

– Padded bags are causing breast cancer? Over the current study, scientists found no association between breast cancer and padded bag. Can not say padded bag causes breast cancer.

– Can childbirth and breastfeeding is not? The answer is because in reality padded bag is completely outside of the ducts.

– Bag is padded impede the early detection of breast cancer? When palpation to detect tumors in the breast implant pocket without any obstacle. However, when X-rays, X-rays because hamper bag so need therapist or using other methods such as additional ultrasound

There are complications can occur?

Immediately after surgery: – Infection – Bleeding

In the long term: – Scar convex – the play – Appears creases or waves just under the skin: the kind typically found in sea water traps placed too shallow. – Appeared thick crust: Since a few months, around the padded bag will form a thin shell around (as a natural response of the body). In some special cases, this will be pretty thick skin and can lead to breast deformity. In this case the operation should remove the shell, padded bag khac.Nguyen even replace artificial skin can be caused by infection, clotting after surgery, or due to improper methods pocket book, so need to choose the bags to ensure the best quality. – Rupture of bag: rare but can occur, especially bags containing seawater. In this case, the water in the bag will go on their own, even with silicone gel that holds the gel can form around the bag and therefore should be removed before a new replacement bag. However, these complications are rare.


In short, the chest is placed a padded bag cosmetic surgery safe but effective great. – For more information, please advise, please contact: Center for Cosmetic Dr.Thang – Surgical specialty hospital.