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Permanent Hair Removal – Skin rejuvenation

TECHNOLOGY The IPL hair removal beauty care skin smooth, shiny surprise and would have stayed with the results of this study: feathers evolved through three phases, beginning with seed stage Papillary Anagen is the scientific name, followed by the development phase and phase loss Telogen Catagen. Anagen phase is considered to be the most effective for hair removal because the hair is at the stage of germ. But the life cycle of hairs at this stage in each of the different body

regions: Region bikini 40-70 weeks, 7-10 weeks the arms, the legs 40-45 weeks, 20-22 weeks peripheries. Thus, for the efficient hair removal hair removal machines require the function to be adjusted in accordance with the rate of fire of the life cycle of germ layers in each treatment area. On the other hand, the distribution of hairs in the Anagen phase the body is not the same: 30-50% in the cheek area, 65% in the edge region, 70% of the chin, armpits 30%. The length of the hair follicles in different regions: region 1-2.5 mm edge, feet and hands 2 to 4.5 mm, 3.5-5mm bikini. So, machine quality assurance must be high energy, the impact to both the fibers deep within the hair follicles, most piece and pale. Bleaching of hair, hair does not grow back and cause dry skin are the advantages of the first permanent hair removal technology NewIPL. Launched after the other hair removal technology should NewIPL is superior hair removal technology, completely overcome the drawbacks of the previous generation. With automatic cooling system associated with hair removal windows will ensure absolute safety for customers, avoiding pain or skin damage situation, redness, blisters, such as when using the old technology. This is the hair removal technology is FDA (USA) censorship safety and efficiency

in treatment. The next advantage of NewIPL technology is the ability to automatically determine the energy levels and wavelengths appropriate for each skin, each hair type. With impact energy into sensible hairs will be more effective for hair removal. Therefore, a key time for hair removal technology package with NewIPL lasts up to 3 months to 4-10 times the light. Meanwhile, coat thoroughly with other technologies customers need to lose at least 5 or 6 months to 1 year for a course of treatment. This technology will also help you overcome the situation folliculitis, ingrown hairs into the skin. The skin has pores, rough or deep black with light when NewIPL impact will be significantly improved. The skin becomes pale and smooth as velvet. However, because of the IPL light strips impacts only the hair follicle germ layers should not be eliminated once 100% of the hairs. Typically treatment course lasts 3-8 times, each time from 1-2 months or 5-6 months depending on the condition of hair and do your time. General Project was able to take advantage of 2 for 1 effect, just take away the ugly hairs, just remove layers of dead skin cells making the skin smooth, shiny.