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Lifting the buttocks

Demand growing up around 3 in women especially in Vietnam. This method originated from Brazil, the country with the carnival dancers Canaval fiery body with 3 extremely suggestive butt pockets put cam.Va surgery was done very successfully is typically the BS padded pocket legal Raul Gonzales now popular worldwide.

There are 3 methods to make the full round 3 was over:

– Pumps own fat (fat graff): Fat is usually taken from the abdomen or hips, thighs then injected into the buttocks. Downside this method is not much volume, and will continue to melt away over time .

– Pumping of artificial fillers (Macrolane, Bio Alcamid, Aquamide ….) very high cost and can cause allergic reactions, abscesses ….

– The most common method is to place padded bag: Achieving the desired volume, standard designs, but are at risk include fiber.

Surgical Method

– Padded bags: bags are strong and thick gel characteristics than with padded chest pocket, two shapes are round and oval.

– The volume of the bag butt Vietnam average from 200 cc to 300cc

– Disable feel as anesthesia, surgery time is about 1 hour to 1h30p.

– 2 slots incision between the buttocks, about 5 cm long, padded bag through the incision will be included in the layer thickness of the bottom two

Postoperative period would look like:

– Few pain or only mild pain or a feeling of tightness in place within the first few days

– Need prone position on the first day to avoid pressing directly on the model, the next day can travel light, soft seated, or lying supine with pillows lining the back or thighs

– Cut only after 7 days, wear tights in the first month

– Need massage in the first 2 weeks

– After 2 weeks of being able to return to work almost everyday normal seated work, ride motorcycles, go back to normal

Frequently Asked Questions:

– These complications can occur: infection, bleeding complications early as possible in any surgery can replace long nao.Ve bags are not set, the high side or low side bag tied Highway fuel can also gap.Tuy bags are hypoallergenic and do not cause disease and what the body can be replaced if necessary.

– When sitting on top of bag: If the bag sits upright lie entirely above the spleen weighed.

– Go fast, run, play sports bag down: Complete peace of mind is not

– Scars are not revealed: The scars are very tight cover even if you wear bathing