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Facelift (Face Lifting)

The following content information is passed by the group of cosmetic surgeon France – Vietnam and based on official documents of the Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic France, to help you fully understand and accurately on issues of their concern. The constantly improve the quality of life and human life sciences arise medicine against aging. Starting at about age 40 to 45, the signs of aging have begun to appear on his face as the appearance of wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead, eyelids heavier accumulation of fat and skin in the neck and chin to erase facial lines. The cause of this phenomenon is due to the skin and under the skin in the face and neck down the stretch, subcutaneous fat accumulation, organization associated dilated causing skin and neck to match. Efforts to combat aging of the skin manifestations of modern medicine has made great strides, including sectors such as dermatology, hormone therapy, laser medicine and cosmetic surgery. What is facelift surgery? The goal of surgery is to take away wrinkles, the fat and excess skin around the cheeks, eyes and recreate the contours of the face but does not change the face of each person, but draw lines inherent to the face years ago. To really bring surgical difference before and after surgery, modern surgery requires enough tension in the deep fascia (SMAS) and skins peeled wide. This also helps to keep the natural features and maintain the results from 10 to 15 years. To do so, first the skin will be peeled in the cheek and neck, and the skin is stretched to fit enough, and the excess skin is removed. Beneath the skin-body-fat weight classes will also be tightening. The classes stress the body-fat-weight after surgery results help to be sustained, however, requires absolute precision and required technical support of microsurgery. Street scar will be hidden in the main areas and the hair behind the ear part. Can facelifts since age? For both men and women too, about 45 years old is already clear manifestations of facial aging, but effective facelifts most pronounced after age 50. In general, with today’s advanced technology can help children from 10 years and older.

Surgery will be conducted how, the day after surgery will be like? Anesthesia during surgery in approximately 2-3 hours. After the surgery is complete there will be a layer bandage wrapped around the face and neck to light pressure. This ice will be removed on day 2 and replace it with new ice lighter. You can leave the hospital the following day, and will return on January 7th to cut only (if any). The first day after surgery, do not be afraid to have mild swelling around the eyes, some purple spot on the skin or a feeling of tightness around the ears lightly. The expression will be lost in the second week. Generally the hospital before you can travel light and after 1 week onwards can be returned to work or communicate without any hindrance. However, accurate assessment of surgical outcomes from July 2nd to August 3rd. At this time the skin was soft again, everyone was feeling strange and the familiar white scar has faded, showing affection on his face will naturally come back. These restrictions can be met by this type of surgery may be encountered: – Slow healing even skin necrosis – Reduce the lightest feeling around my ear will recover in a few months – Sort of – surgery scars too found Fortunately, the situation rarely occurs. Summary: Facelift surgery is a modern help erase the traces of time and age. However, this is a surgery requires very high accuracy should be conducted in specialized hospitals.