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Korean eyelid surgery

Eyes are the windows to the soul, but eyes often manifest signs of premature aging and clearest. Middle-aged, sagging eyelids start, collapsed, apparently tired look on his face. If this is not acceptable, the solution is surgery necessary. Plastic surgery will improve the situation sagging eyelid skin by cutting along the lines mi, take off the skin, excess fat in the eyelids. After surgery, you will regain youthful appearance and self-confidence in his eyes.

Today, Asians eyelids no longer cut it to the same as the West anymore, now smaller eyelids to match the oriental and especially do not leave obvious scars like surgical methods old.

There are several methods to create eyelid following:

1. Minimal surgical approach “Mini Plasty surgery”:

The doctor will first small incision in the eyelid of about 1 cm long, corrugated mi, only 3 days after the eyelids heal without leaving traces of intervention. The results have to be patient sometimes beautiful natural double eyelids.

2. Korean eyelid surgery:

This is a new method to create eyelid folds without cutting the skin as the old method. How to make lids to help you naturally beautiful eyes without sequelae or scarring.

3. Eyelid surgery by conventional methods:

Surgical skin along the lines mi, take off the skin, excess fat in the eyelids. After surgery recovery time longer than the above methods.