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Previously, the amount of fat in your body over time increase due to age, excessive eating, the process was ineffective workouts make you lose control tin.Mo gradually invaded all parts of the body to can you such as the abdomen, hips, waist, biceps, calf, thigh … you have to resort to cosmetic surgery to remove the obnoxious fat that quickly. But today, you’ll probably have to think differently because of the latest research in science has proven a lot of adipose tissue stem cells capable of regeneration organization, replacing cells damaged or aging. . is an extremely valuable material that can help you look youthful regeneration in other parts of the body


Currently, the materials used to create the image itself is an increasing trend in developing methods, particularly when the adverse information about implant filler material as some fear. Fat itself is a source of extremely valuable resource available to the body. Previously, women were familiar with cosmetic surgery: liposuction, breast augmentation, buttock lift with padded bag made separately. But now modern aesthetic surgery can have a combination of both methods in the same surgery. Means that fat will be removed in unwanted areas (stomach, thighs …), then extracted Back to derive pure fat then implanted into the other parts of the body. Transplanting autologous fat (Coleman method) method has been applied in the long Reconstructive Surgery – Aesthetic alternates to fill the grooves, troughs in the body, increasing the volume of parts such as the , cheeks, chin, breasts, buttocks and thigh fat …. Especially in breast implants, buttock getting the most attention of women. However, culture is pure fat before there are certain restrictions on the cosmetic result. The fat cells are not nourished by the body and death cleanup bao.Nhu through mechanisms that do, not just how much fat is injected life this much. If good fat transplant technique with a moderate amount of fat, the survival of the injected fat is only about 30-70%, depending on the ability level of the transplanted blood. Typically, in order to increase the likelihood of success of surgery, fat transplants were conducted after the other into four-six months. Therefore, to overcome, Japanese Doctor K.Yashimura used method for enhancing adipose tissue (CAL: Cell Assisted Lipotransfer) helps survival rate up to 70%. All the research and application of autologous fat transplants in the treatment are encouraging results and success worldwide. Smoking and fat transplant procedure itself is done like: The first stage is the Liposuction: the surgeon will use a small syringe and refined to obtain fat cells intact, not broken. This process takes place in a closed loop and the sheer multitude khuan.Sau, fat removed will be “refined” in a separate system, extracts specifically to take out about 50% is cells with good vigor ready to return body. The second phase is transplanted fat: this is a very meticulously process and requires the surgeon to be skilled as well as the artist” eye “. By canule small tube is made specifically for this job, fat will be taken each class, each chain in the fatty tissue in the breasts or buttocks, causing fullness and create the perfect shape as sculptures. The illustration:

44Application autologous fat transplant surgery for the following:


– Facial tissue – fat cheek implants, filling nasolabial grooves, nasolabial wrinkles – Pump fat deep eye sockets – Increase the volume of the chest, buttocks in a natural way – Transplanting fat legs, fat transplanted hand … Advantages of autologous fat transplant technology: – Safe, does not cause rejection reactions, do not take downtime, no scarring – Completely painless bleeding, non-irritating of every day – natural lifelike and loss of sensation. Surgery is only done once but provides many advantages for patients: 1. Slimming body (from the smoking fat) 2. Rejuvenate your skin, remove wrinkles 3. Breast augmentation, lift buttocks round natural stretch.


Autologous fat transplants tend to beautify booming around the world by the safety. However, this method is not really editing magic with all parts as much beauty advertising. Autologous fat transfer method has certain limitations because only implanted pump with a moderate amount of fat, many cases where the designated place will bag fillers for better aesthetic effect. Patients in need of treatment should be carefully consulted the opinion of the specialist to prevent more damage to the health and money Some cases should not breast tissue: – The sagging breasts and flabby – For very large numbers – Family history of breast cancer (mother, sister) or lump in the breast should be monitored. After transplanting fat into the breast, as recommended by the Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic France, should you go for regular checkups every year and with the best specialist doctor to be monitored systematically. Some pictures before and after autologous fat transplant is done at the Center for Cosmetic Dr.Thang:


Before and After transplanting fat into the breasts PT


Before & After PT fat cheek implants

mong mong 1

Before & After transplanting fat into buttocks

mat 1(1) mat 2

Before & After transplanting fat on the eyelids, under

aa aaa

Before & After the implant nasolabial grooves

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