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Asian rhinoplasty cartilage grafting modern

Growing social needs beauty as it also becomes an integral part of our lives. In particular, cosmetic surgery is the method of choice by many and most popular.


Especially nose enhanced aesthetics, desire a high nose design, elegant as the Korean star is the dream of not only women but even men.

Asians in general and Vietnam in particular who have low nose face, the nose short, upturned, stocky nose surgery should only comprehensive cosmetic nose can help us get the right nose as the want.

Thanks to the boom of cosmetic surgery modern Asia (led by South Korea and Japan) have changed trend nose of traditional European style before. This trend is not consistent with oriental beauty and gradually reveal more weaknesses (highway trees, red ball, falling living, hard …).

Therefore, the introduction of technology cartilage graft rhinoplasty modern Asian (often referred to as Korea smelly) helped Asians have a natural nose and more relevant.

Cartilage graft rhinoplasty techniques of modern Asia is:

Previously simply put nose piece silicone artificial cartilage in the nose, with the aim of raising the nose high up. After a period of some complications, such as red ball nose, revealed waves, the red nose and short, puncturing the case even with the hard silicone nose by cartilage or excessive strain.

To overcome the aesthetic doctor Korea created the method itself nose cartilage graft (rib cartilage, cartilage septum, ear cartilage ..) taken from the patient himself so completely natural, non-allergic and permanent effects over time. General surgery on cartilage grafting of the BS Korea was divided into two separate parts:


• A tip: Completely by grafting cartilage (septum cartilage, rib cartilage, ear cartilage ..) so the tip would be natural and enhanced in accordance with the desired (this is not pure silicone nose trees do).

• The nose: Refurbished with artificial materials (produced in the U.S., South Korea) or rib cartilage. In it, Gore-Tex is a new softer material, non-allergenic. Dr Thang Nguyen was created using Gore-Tex nose in 3 years that the incidence of allergy to almost zero.


Due to the above advantages, improving nasal cartilage grafting is well appointed in the following cases: The nose is too low, the short nose, cut thin skin toned.

1. Nose repair damage caused by previous surgical rhinoplasty: Lo live, slip trees and misses crooked, pointy tip, red … for completed results.


2 Orthopaedics tip for men: Sharpening wood nose, lower nose, nose to collapse … completely natural, discreet


3. Besides can perform the surgery at the same time: Collapse broad nose, nasal septum deviation correction, reduces the tip …

Surgery is done how? After surgery will be like? A transplant surgery nose cartilage Asia will last about 2 hours by the method of anesthesia or anesthesia, can be discharged the same day.

Muzzle will be fixed by a specific frame, after 5-7 days and can be removed only cutting. However, this is a difficult surgery that requires to be done by a specialist cosmetic surgery are trained, experienced.



Dr Nguyen Thang Dr. Hsiang Kao and Taiwan in a cartilage transplant surgery nose modern Asian

Dr. Nguyen Thang (Cosmetic Doctors Center Wins) BS with the leading cosmetic surgery Asia (Prof. Jang Dong Hak – Shimmian Director of the Institute of Cosmetology – South Korea, BS-Hsiang Kao – Taiwan President HPTTM Prof. Yap Edowado – Philippines) has successfully implemented more than 100 operations in the last year and resulted in 100% of patients are satisfied with the new nose.

Therefore, techniques to create modern Asian nose using cartilage grafting has rapidly grown and spread, becoming a mainstream standards and placing new trees replace traditional nose before.


Special: Lifetime Warranty is a gold standard that we give you. Images before and after nasal surgery Korea Advanced Cosmetic Center Dr Thang