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Abdominal liposuction

The accumulation of abdominal fat around the waist and very difficult to solve by the method of training or fat loss diet. With a layer of fat that women are concentrated in lower abdomen, waist and thighs, while men are mostly in the upper abdomen and waist. Along with abdominal subcutaneous fat woman is influenced by pregnancy or caesarean scars making classes stretched abdominal muscles (abdominal window) and stretched skin in the lower abdomen and on. All the above factors negatively impact aesthetics, obstructing the activities or even affect health in severe cases. To collapse the stomach, there are various methods can be applied in turn depends on the level. Liposuction is the most simple method to help remove some of the excess fat that does not leave a scar on the abdomen. However, in the case of excess belly fat more and less elastic skin require surgery to trim excess skin and fat brings new desired effect. What is abdominal liposuction? What is the shape of the abdomen? 1. Liposuction liposuction technique in recent years daycho allow smoking in the big fat belly in a gentle way, thus reducing the likelihood that surgery is avoided abdominal scar. With the loss of a few millimeters in the skin on the abdomen discreet (as around the umbilical, inguinal folds) the surgeon into the fat layer off a dropper to suck fat without bleeding or skin injury . The secret of modern liposuction technique is the method of melt before sucking fat mass by the special solutions (technical tumescente) or ultrasound. After a period of between 1 and 2 months, the skin will make the stomach shrinks and becomes smaller plane. 2. Shaping the abdominal wall skin, however if excessive, flow and resilience loss is not sufficiently effective liposuction reduces stomach resorting to surgery to remove excess skin and stretched abdominal scars (surgery birth). The surgeon will cut away the skin and fat in the abdominal segment below, from below the navel to groin folds, and stretch the abdominal wall, so would immediately flat stomach and small. Scar line is placed on the inguinal skin folds should be concealed in his underwear or bathing suits (see Figure 1 and Figure 2) Also in this surgery, for women with abdominal windows, balance and muscle layers of the abdominal wall will be sewn back down, which acts as a kind of inner gaine class, help minimize any significant waistline. (See Figure 1 and Figure 2) What choices abdominal liposuction or abdominal wall surgery is mainly based on the specific case after a thorough clinical examination, the doctor will determine what method Guinea . Currently, abdominal wall surgery is always associated with abdominal liposuction at the same time is the most optimal solution.

When the surgery will be like? After surgery be like? – Whether or liposuction surgery, the anesthetic well, in about 1 hour if time is 2 hours and if liposuction is surgery. – After surgery, there is always a layer bandage round and round belly gaine to help return elasticity to the skin, abdominal gaine will be held in about a month. – Sewing will be removed on day 7, however, allow discharge from day 3, and you can go back or normal activities. Heavy work or exercise should be back on January 2nd. Massage or rub the skin cream has also helped recover more quickly. What complications can occur? Like any surgical intervention, can be seen: Postoperative Bleeding + + + Scar healing infections or bad + abdominal wall necrosis even have met the examination and therefore preoperative evaluation is vitally weight, surgery must be carried out by a specialist. However, these complications are rare. In fact, liposuction and a tummy shaping has become one of the most popular surgeries is as effective and aesthetic.